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What is mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is the medicine that seems to be the most effective for acute or chronic painful conditions. It appears in the more traditional medicine theory, but it differs in its drug distribution. Indeed, its exceptional efficiency comes from its mode of injection drugs. This is mesotherapy.

We will develop and try to show you all the advantages of mesotherapy. It became for us a reason of "public interest". This practice delights us every day, and all our patients and those who were lucky enough to discover it.

The history of mesotherapy

"Mesotherapy, green medicine" was discovered by Doctor Michel Pistor in 1952

Mesotherapy is an engineering idea that came from the brain of a country doctor, the doctor Michel Pistor, who sought to make the treatment place closer to the disease.

It was in 1952 that Michel Pistor in his village of Bray-et-Lu, has to look after the cobbler for an asthma attack by an injection of intravenous procaine. This treatment will have little effect on asthma; however the patient, who was deaf for many years, could again hear the bells of the town ring the hours throughout the day and night. Pistor had the idea to continue treatment with procaine but next to the ear and the results were inconclusive. It is from this observation that tirelessly seek to address closer to the pathology.

The first publication of the work of Michel Pistor in 1958, in issue 44 of the Medical Press, with, for the first time, the appearance of the word mesotherapy.

It was in 1964 created what the French Society of Mesotherapy (SFM) in Paris. It has 16 members. In 2008 it has just over 900 members.

In 1968, Michel Pistor has a memory of mesotherapy before the Academy of Medicine.

mesotherapy mesotherapy mesotherapy mesotherapy

From that time, mesotherapy is developing in the medical profession thanks to the first "disciples" of Michel Pistor: Bicheron and Dalloz-Bourguignon. This will create the first hospital consultation to Necker in the service of Professor Thierree. This hospital medical consultation will be taken for ten years by Didier Mrejen, which then continued teaching at mesotherapy pain center in Lariboisière.

In 1981, Dr. Yves Demarais allows mesotherapy made its start at the National Sports Institute in Paris. This involvement in the sport of high level will be crucial to the future recognition of mesotherapy.

In 1987. Mesotherapy is recognized by the Academy of Medicine as part of traditional medicine.

With Didier Mrejen, the first university degree in mesotherapy born at the faculty of Marseille in 1989 in the service of Professor Delboy.

In 1996 a second university degree was born in Bordeaux thanks to the enlightened mind of Professor Lavignolle.

Recognition of Social Security in June 2002 helped to establish the Inter-University Diploma of mesotherapy (IUD).

There has five teaching centers IUD mesotherapy (Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille, Dijon and Clermont-Ferrand).

In 2003 Christian Bonnet, Mrejen Didier and Jean-Jacques Perrin created the Association of Medicine and Aesthetic Mesotherapy (AMME) which provides education and promotion of aesthetic mesotherapy both in France and around the world. Every year they organize an international conference based on practice. The list of cosmetic mesotherapists is available online.

Principles of the Mesotherapy

The principles of mesotherapy result of an empirical discovery of Dr. Michel Pistor and scientific support of Dr. Didier Mrejen work.

Mesotherapy involves injecting active substances in the skin next to the outstanding area. It is therefore an exclusively local skin treatment.

The skin is a reflection of the profound suffering, as a specific Carto-graphy.

Any superficial skin treatment interferes with the deep pain, organ or tissue dysfunction, and this by its effect on reflex arcs (autonomic nervous system).

This discovery of empirical fact and chemical basis of mesotherapy one of the most effective treatment.

This neurophysiological effect is increased by action on all skin tissue network with all its microcirculation ( "theory of the four units"). The substances are injected directly into the local distribution medium: connective tissue, lymph and microcirculation.

By Imaging, the injected products arrive at the central station and will be distributed locally by the suburban network.

It makes sense then to imagine the power of action of mesotherapy. From this also follows the safety of this technique, as with a single drop of product in the right place, you will be able to irrigate a local area with great concentration and speed.

As the substances do not disperse systemically (veno-arterial circulation, digestive system, stomach, liver, kidney, brain) a small amount of product is sufficient to treat.

We find in the qualities of mesotherapy our ecological and economic medicine.

  1. Ecological benefits 

  • Low  quantity on the painful area for a large effective concentration;
  • No general dispersion for a drug non-toxic, no complications;
  • There are no  side effects;
  • Few sessions and few products for optimal efficiency.
  1. The Economic benefits 

  • Cells and tissue as little release of toxins and free radicals to purify;
  • low pharmaceutical cost, biological, because few products are used;
  • low medical costs for some consultations, examinations, complementary care, daily allowances;
  • Acts quickly.

Mesotherapy, or why complicate things when they can be simple?

In allopathic medicine, the medicine you swallow will spread throughout the body by the blood and digestive system and thus most of your organs. It's a big loss products, especially as to obtain a necessary and sufficient concentration to treat pain in area, it will be necessary to increase the total dose.

This explains the multiple complications and side effects, specific to each drug ingested.

To reach the target, it will take any water, what ecological waste!

Whether you have tendinitis in the foot, ear infection, or lumbago, take the same anti-inflammatory and to the concentration of the medication is sufficiently important in the treatment area, you will need to take in large quantities and for several days.

This dispersion own and widespread diffusion allopathic medical tradition is the source of all complications. Drizzle a field to grow a flower, it's really proper to anti-ecology.

With mesotherapy, it couples the body and cardiopulmonary ecology to the economy. Indeed this therapeutic is targeted, localized, it thus preserves the whole body, it only uses small amounts of products for maximum concentration on the area to be treated.

It is easy to deduce that this treatment by mesotherapy is very logical and effective. Besides laboratories have understood that, since market products imitating this, but so, of course, in clear profit.

For example, patches, anti-inflammatory tissue, ionization, creams are designed to penetrate the skin by mimicking the action of mesotherapy. Only the epidermis - surface layer of the skin - represents an important and low permeability barrier, which diminishes the effectiveness of these products.

Mesotherapy can inject drugs directly into the skin - the epidermis to the subcutaneous tissue - and thus to cross this barrier.

In addition, depending on the pathology, it is possible to choose the type of medicines to be injected (often a combination of three products), such as vasodilators, venotonic which act on the circulation, vitamins or minerals which affect nutritious and trophic of tissues, muscle relaxants, painkillers, anti-arthritic, anti-osteoporosis, anti-inflammatory, etc.

The range is varied and in each specific disease treated.

Who can benefit from mesotherapy?

It follows from these remarks that everyone can benefit from this treatment, from young (infants) to the oldest. Due to this local targeting and the non-dispersion into the general circulation or digestion, there will be no interference with other allopathic medications swallowed by the patient. Therefore Mesotherapy is a treatment of choice for multitreated patients, multimedicines, weakened by multiple diseases, pregnant women, heart suffering.

What will treat mesotherapy?

Many things, because it is a comprehensive medicine.

Indeed, it takes into account the whole patient and can handle several associated pathologies.

The business areas are vast and can develop into four groups: rheumatology, sports medicine, general medicine and aesthetic medicine.

We will state the main pathologies in each area and develop a few.

  1.  Rheumatology :

  1.  Sports medicine:

  1.  General Medicine:

  • migraine, headache;
  • stress, depression, anxiety;
  • digestive and intestinal diseases;
  • ENT disorders (sinusitis, rhinitis, otitis);
  • repeated infections;
  • chronic cystitis and vaginitis;
  • venous insufficiency, lymphatic;
  • shingles, herpes;
  • presbyopia;
  • warts;
  • smoking cessation.
  1.  Aesthetic Medicine:

  • wrinkles, fillers, botulinum toxin;
  • mesolift;
  • cellulite Mesodissolution;
  • hair loss, alopecia;
  • scars, stretch marks;
  • prevention of aging;
  • spider veins.

The list is extensive, but still not complete and your mesotherapist  can specify areas of activity and competence.

Who can practice mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a medical procedure, so only booked the doctor. To practice this technique successfully, your doctor will first have an accurate diagnosis of your condition.

It was after this diagnosis he will be able to choose the adequate mesotherapy products and inject them in the right places and right dose.

The mesotherapist who is doing this medical procedure  requires to be a well trained doctor for this technique. Serious formal training in schools and / or CME - CME - (IUD mesotherapy, AMME diploma, degree SFM) are recommended.

This training will enable the doctor to know how to use the products, why, at what locations, with which technique and for what condition.

This operation is more effective when it is practiced by a good mesotherapist.

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