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Health benefits of garlic

Health benefits of Garlic

Health benefits of garlic are uncountable. Garlic is an ancient remedy, almost magical, in the service of our health. Garlic came originally from the vast steppes of Central Asia. It is cultivated since ancient times in the Middle East. The garlic plant is called "stinking rose" by the Greeks. It has probably migrated to Europe with the invasion of the Mongol hordes. health benefits of garlic health benefits of garlic Health benefits of garlic health benefits of garlic There were many people who registered garlic  among the foods of choice. The Romans, in particular, grew garlic in all gardens, and distributed it in their legionnaires before each battle. The Egyptians, meanwhile, raised garlic to the rank of divinity in the pharaon. Cheops was distributing a daily ration to the workers who built the Great Pyramid to give them strength and protect them from epidemics. Proof that already attributed to it as a stimulant. Old documents reveal that It was used as early as 3000 years before J-C by Babylonians, Chinese, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Vikings. Most of the great physicians of antiquity, Pliny, Hippocrates, Galen, as well as modern doctors have used garlic to treat almost all health problems. Pine has listed 61 diseases that could effectively treat with garlic!   Today, many studies worldwide are conducted about the health benefits of garlic as well as on the action of garlic in the prevention of cancer, there is evidence that garlic and its components have an effective protective action against stomach cancer , colon and prostate cancer, but also a regenerative action on neurons and skin. This magical food also has the ability to lower cholesterol and control blood pressure. In a word, did much more than just own herb to take up our salads, and we go, what not, find out why!   Health benefits of garlic for healing In the 1st century era, this bulbous plant with purplish flower was considered a panacea, until the Middle Ages, where the great plagues then put its powers to the test. In India, garlic is one of the pivots of the makeover. It fights constipation, flatulence hunting, increases the appetite, strengthens the nervous system acts on blood circulation and digestion. in many sacred books of Hinduism, one can also read that garlic enhances fertility, eases childbirth, makes the skin softer, tones the heart and extends the life! Pliny the Elder mentions garlic galore and we found that this mythical food "neutralizes all venoms, heals leprosy, asthma, cough. It is an anthelmintic, an odontalgic, a diuretic, best condom against plague "this is why many doctors at that time wore masks of garlic soaked to visit their patients. Among the Romans, the Fulani, the soldiers, the reapers eat garlic, because it is still considered a powerful tonic. We mingled with the food of fighting cocks, and Galen called the "theriac peasants" theriac being considered in ancient medicine as a panacea. The Miracle of health benefits of garlic This miracle elixir, still present in the Codex (medical book authorized by the Faculty of Medicine) in 1984, remains the oldest and most famous of the great remedies of the past. In this regard, we read in a home economics dictionary in sixteenth century: "Garlic is eaten fasting theriac farmers in times of plague and other dangerous diseases, even against all kinds of venoms several people. Béarnais mainly at the beginning of spring, eat garlic every morning with fresh butter: for this remedy, they hope that they will be healthy and strong all year " During World War II, when antibiotics were still do not exist in big quantities or can't be used, garlic was used as an antiseptic against gangrene. Today, specialists are able to name its beneficial components. The particularly allicin, a sulfur compound, inhibits the development of pathogenic bacteria.   Health benefits of garlic - Composition Although there are many clinical and empirical evidence that garlic is effective both in preventing and in treating various diseases, scientific studies that aim to discover the specific factors present in garlic responsible for its powers are rare. The cherhcuers generally consider that sulfur compounds in garlic, especially allicin, alliin, the cicroalliine and diallyldisulphide (we managed to isolate now 33 components in garlic), are the substances more active. Here are some components that were found thanks to research and clinical observation conducted with garlic preparations: Allicin, a substance present in garlic, believed to be the main responsible for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory pouvors. The allicin gives its smell to garlic. The alliin, a sulfur amino acid garlic from which allicin is produced by the action of the enzyme allinase. Russian scientific studies blame the antibiotic action of garlic in its content of alliin. On the other hand, the garlic mineral content is considerable. It contains manganese, copper, iron, zinc, sulfur, calcium, germanium and selenium. The sulfur concentration of garlic is one of the largest in the plant world. The selenium content of garlic is the most remarkable. It is the best known source of natural selenium. When moisture is retained, garlic contains selenium 9.3 mg per 100 g. Considering increasingly that selenium is one of the elements in trace amounts, the most important for human nutrition. The antioxidant activity of garlic is probably due to its selenium content, since it is a powerful antioxidant. Its biological activity is strongly linked to vitamin E. Selenium slows down aging thanks to its inhibitory action on the formation of free radicals, which may explain why most Bulgarian and Russian are big consumers of garlic. Finally Selenium also protects against damage caused by mercury poisoning. Health benefits of garlic - the vitamins The vitamins contained in garlic also reinforce preventive benefits of garlic on the soles health.This contains vitamins C, E and B vitamins. vitamin C (in the range of 15 to 30 mg per 100 g) promote the resistance of vessel walls, muscle tone, heart and intestine, the condition of the gums. White blood cells need for their anti-infective action. Vitamin E as one of the health benefits of garlic is an antioxidant and protects against aging, free radicals, toxic substances and fatigue. It can also play a stimulating role on the immune system and the reproductive problems. Vitamin B1 as one of the health benefits of garlic acts on the nervous system balance. vitamin B2 as one of the health benefits of garlic affects the skin, particularly on the contours of the lips. Vitamin B2 deficiency causes itching, cracking and cracks on lips. Vitamin B3 as one of the health benefits of garlic maintains and improves skin texture. It also prevents cardiovascular events and acts on the hormonal system. medicinal properties of garlic (Health benefits of garlic) Whatever the desired effect, you must know that, for the health benefits of garlic, as soon as the cooked, garlic loses much of its medicinal and antiseptic properties. the most observable action of garlic in the treatment of various diseases is its detoxifying effect on the body. It neutralizes toxins in the digestive tract and in the organs of elimination, as well as those circulating in the blood. It has a beneficial effect on the liver, kidneys, nervous system and ciculatory system.

More about the health benefits of garlic

Garlic strengthens the body's defenses against allergens. It is used in the treatment of allergies, asthma and the (hypoglycemia. Our food, our air, our water is highly contaminated by various poisons and toxic chemicals by that man has created, such as feed additives and preservatives, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc. It is good to know that regular use of garlic or garlic preparations is able to neutralize these toxic substances and protecting our body from harmful consequences of their presence. Generally, garlic reduces tension and makes their elasticity to the walls of blood vessels. it also normalizes cholesterol and fights the effects of nicotine in the blood. It is also an antibiotic and antiseptic, which is why it has been used to fight against epidemics. It is still worming and limit intestinal microflora, as well as combating constipation and diarrhea. It also acts as a stimulator for the whole organism by regulating the operation of some glands endocrines and activating the functioning of the liver and pancreas. Finally, one of the bes health benefits of garlic,  it promotes good digestion and reduces disorders and pain with spasms and abdominal distension. As an antiseptic it acts against gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome and flatuelences. it promotes bile secretion, calm rheumatic pain and cough. its action on arterial tone and arteriosclerosis is recognized. It is used for hypertension as well as for hypotension. It prevents premature aging by improving circulatory function and physical activity. As I have mentioned before the health benefits of garlic are uncountable, I hope I have been able to bring you at least one of the most important benefits. I hope this acrticle about health benefits of garlic interesting, please do not forget to share it with your friends, simply by clicking the share buttons down.



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