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The best anti aging foods for your skin

The Best anti aging foods for your skin

Best anti aging foods, You have landed at the right place!!! To get old in good conditions, our body needs foods that are rich in antioxidants or precursors nutrient of antioxidants. However, these remain insufficient: we must give our tissues everything they need to regenerate quickly, So what are the best anti aging foods for your skin ?

Here are the main foods:

anti aging foods best anti aging foods The best anti aging foods for your skin anti aging foods

I- Vitamins

vitamin A and beta carotene as of the best anti aging foods

best anti aging foods for your skin best anti aging foods The best anti aging foods for your skin best anti aging foods for your skin

Vitamin A is a major antioxidant. But this vitamin, which is found in liver, butter or fish oils, is toxic if absorbed in high doses. That is why the supplementation of vitamin A are scarce and highly controlled. However, there are precursors of vitamin A in plants, beta-carotene. This substance is converted to vitamin A by the body as and its needs, and it represents no risk in case of overdoses. Beta carotene is found in all fruits and orange vegetables (mangoes, carrots, apricots, pumpkins, melons ...) and in green vegetables.

Vitamin C and its marvellous effect on anti aging

best anti aging foods best anti aging foods The best anti aging foods for your skin vitamin C foods

Highly antioxidant, this vitamin is exceptionally at the heart of many vital functions. It boosts immunity, takes part in the production of collagen of the skin, accelerates the repairing of damaged tissues and opposed to numerous toxic substances. It are found in large quantities in citrus fruits, kiwi, parsley, red fruit ...

Vitamin E

This is the most antioxidant of the three. It forms with the other two a vitamin trio, working altogether synergistically. This vitamin is directly opposed to the action of free radicals, protects nerve and brain cells, neutralizes some pollutants products and boosts immunity. It is found in nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds ...), raw vegetable oils, whole grains, wheat germ ...

The B vitamins

They are not directly involved in the protection against aging, but they participate in the good condition of nerve and brain cells. Only vitamin B15 participates in the anti aging foods protection by extending the life of cells.

II- The plant antioxidants as one of the best anti aging foods


It belongs to the family of carotenoids, such as beta-carotene. It is found in red foods: tomatoes, red cabbage, watermelon ... they are directly antioxidant and contribute to the protection against certain cancers.


This is a very effective flavonoid to protect the body not only against free radicals, but also against allergy, inflammation, the cholesterol ... As one of the best anti aging foods, It is found in the yellow or red onion, shallot, broccoli. ..

III- The minerals and trace elements


This is the most antioxidant micronutrients. Glutathione peroxidase can be manufactured without the presence of selenium in sufficient quantity. Studies in several countries have shown a correlation between selenium levels in soil (and therefore in the plants that grow there) and the number of cancers. Selenium in plants is more easily absorbed than animal products. Selenium is found in brown rice, wholemeal bread, peppers

NEVER FORGET WATER as it the main part of the Best anti aging foods

best anti aging foods best anti aging foods The best anti aging foods for your skin Anti aging nutrients

If your body is disturbed by an accumulation of metabolic waste, it will defend itself less well against free radicals. To help it, consider accelerating the elimination of toxins: drink at least a liter up to a liter and a  half of water a day, and do occasionally a draining cure of plants (artichoke, orthosiphon ...)


Magnesium foods best anti aging foods The best anti aging foods for your skin Magnesium foods

inorganic salt is involved in the passage of nerve impulses between cells. Good magnesium intake is an effective anti-stress screen. Magnesium deficiency is manifested by nervousness, muscle spasms and sleep disorders. Although he did not directly an action anti-aging, magnesium protects the nervous balance, CeQui is important for aging in serenity. Magnesium is found in nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds), apples, citrus ...


It is essential for strong bones. 99% of the calcium in the body is in the skeleton. The small remaining percentage is equally important because it interacts with the magnesium in order to ensure the brain and nervous balance. Calcium is found mainly in dairy products, but it is also present in green leafy vegetables, soybeans, whole wheat bread, cereals... These are considered one of the best anti aging foods by experience.


This is the name given to all fats in general. Whether from animal or vegetables, they are composed of fatty acids, chains of carbon atoms. Some expressed as saturated, mono- or polyunsaturated. We should avoid consuming too large quantities first: They are involved in the formation of blood cholesterol and clog arteries. They are found in fatty meats, sausages, butter. Fatty unsaturated acids are very different: they help maintaining blood cholesterol and they participate in the good condition of the cell walls, including nerve and brain. We find these good fats in fish, raw vegetable oils, nuts.

The proteins

To prevent muscle from mass deterioration with age, make sure to eat enough protein. Animal proteins are the only ones containing the 8-called essential amino acids, which the body cannot do without. Preferably fish and lean meats (poultry, rabbit ...), because they are not associated with saturated fats. There are also proteins in plants, but they are generally incomplete. That is why we must always associate a cereal and a legume to reconstruct the 8 essential amino acids. Quinoa is an exception: the seed contains all.


This name the different forms of sugar in the diet. Some expressed easy or fast, others are so-called complex or slow. These are formed of sugar chains that the agency must first split before using the basic substance which is its fuel: pure glucose. The fastest sugars give a sweet taste to foods (sweets, white sugar, sodas, pastries, some fruit ...). Some fruit, although sweet, contain slightly more complex sugars such as fructose. Finally, grains and carbohydrates are provided with the slowest sweets. Better to focus on carbohydrates, which the body provide energy for a longer period of time. In addition, these complex carbohydrates moderately solicit the pancreas, responsible for secreting insulin which balance the blood sugar. So avoid sweets and prefer whole grains.

Piece of Advice related to the best anti aging foods

The diabetes effect

The excess of sugars in our modern diet is one of the causes of the increase in diabetes and prediabetes. This disease, whose frequency increases with age, is due to a malfunction of the pancreas. If certain forms of diabetes are genetic or oragnique, others are due to mere tiredness of pancreas, overstretched by an overly rich diet sugars. To protect against this risk, we must focus on whole grains, unrefined and limit consumption of industrialized foods sweet.

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